We are a modern, energetic, forward thinking cyber security company

About us

Straight forward and simple, we are proud of what we do and how we do it. We work to rigorous industry standards whilst still taking the time to learn about your people and your business.

We don't believe in just giving you a one-off service, we want to support you step by step through the whole process and beyond. Whether it is an ethical hacking service, staff awareness training, a security audit or a longer term security project, we can help you.

Total cost of IP theft hits £9.2bn per year in the UK.

*Source from UK government 2018



Cyber Security is more than just a password, virus scanner and a firewall, it's a journey that your organisation has to take. We want to be part of your journey and believe strongly in providing you with advice and products that we know you need.

We are also aware that bringing in a Cyber Security company to test your infrastructure, staff and premises can be a daunting one, and that every customer is different and at different stages in their journey. This is why we do not offer a one size fit all response and our services can be tailored to you and the stage you are at.

All our penetration testers, consultants and processes have been independently verified by international bodies such as CREST and Tigerscheme. You can rest assured that our services follow strict standards and ethical practices, and if you need a little bit extra security, we can provide national security cleared staff, giving you extra piece of mind that you and your business is safe.