Vulnerability Assessments

Sec-Ops offers CREST accredited vulnerability assessments covering, Infrastructure assessment and Wep Applications.

Not to be confused with a penetration test, a vulnerability assessment does not go as far as exploiting a found vulnerability. What is does give you, is a cost effective and efficient way to get an idea of the state of your organisational security at that point in time.

Our consultants will walk you through the process from the outset, we do not believe in just dumping a report on you and walking away, we make sure you understand your vulnerable areas.

Our vulnerability assessment are all risk scored using the CVSS standard and displayed in order of most serious first, we will also manually verify the findings in order to reduce the false positives.

Should you need to have vulnerability scans carried out on a more regular basis, say for a regulatory compliance reason or to fulfil your companies security testing regime, then we would be happy to assist with this also.